How to File a Comp Claim

Do You Need Compensation for a Workplace Injury?

If you have missed seven or more consecutive days of work because you were injured on the job, you are eligible to file a workers' compensation claim. At Bleakley Law Offices, our attorneys can help you take the steps necessary to file a claim and get the compensation you deserve. This is a service we have been providing to injured workers in Muskegon and throughout Michigan since 1999, so you can be confident that we have the experience to help you.

File a Workers' Comp Claim

The first step that you must take if you have been injured on the job is to give notice to your employer. Let them know that you were hurt at work and make certain you do so within 90 days of your injury. While you have up to two years to file your claim, we encourage you to move as quickly as possible.

Your employer will submit the claim to their work comp insurance carrier. The carrier has 30 days to pay the claim or dispute it. If they deny or delay the claim, our lawyers can take action.

Benefits You are Entitled To

You are entitled to a variety of benefits if you have been injured at work:

  • Wage benefits: This is compensation for the paychecks you have missed because of your injury.
  • Medical benefits: Your employer's workers' compensation insurance carrier will be responsible for all of the medical costs associated with your injury.
  • Specific loss benefits: If a work injury has resulted in the loss of a body part, you are entitled to a payment even if you have not missed any work.
  • Vocational rehabilitation: If your injury prevents you from returning to your old job, you may also be eligible for up to 104 weeks of training for a new line of work.

Maximize Your Benefits

Our lawyers will take great care to see that you get all of the benefits you are entitled to. We will go beyond your workers' comp claim to look for other avenues to provide you with financial support. In some cases, you may also be eligible for Social Security disability.

Contact a Michigan Workers' Comp Claim Lawyer

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