Third Party Liability Claims

An Opportunity to Maximize Compensation

The law is very clear about the benefits an injured worker can receive through workers' compensation. Unfortunately, wage loss benefits are limited. If you have been hurt at work, you are only entitled to compensation for 80 percent of your after-tax average weekly wage. What happens to the remaining 20 percent?

At Bleakley Law Offices, we are committed to maximizing your benefits. One way that we can do this is by pursuing third party liability claims when appropriate. These claims can allow you to obtain compensation for the remaining 20 percent of your wages, as well as additional compensation for the pain and suffering that you have been through as a result of the injury.

When is a Third Party Liability Claim Appropriate?

A third party claim is appropriate when the work injury was caused by the negligence of a party other than your employer. That party may be someone working for a different company than you, but at the same job site. That party may also be the manufacturer of a defective piece of equipment used in the workplace.

Third party claims are common in construction site accidents. For example, a plumber may be hurt because of falling drywall. The falling drywall may have been caused by the negligence of the person putting up the drywall, who is employed by the drywall company, not the plumbing company that the plumber works for. In this example, we would file a third party claim against the drywall company, while also pursuing workers' comp through the plumbing company.

We Know How to Find Opportunities to Maximize Your Compensation

In many cases, the possibility of third party claims is not immediately obvious. Since our attorneys have been handling these cases for people in Muskegon and throughout Michigan since 1999, we have the experience to know that it is necessary to look for these opportunities in order to maximize compensation for you.

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