Wage Benefits

Compensation for Missed Paychecks

Have you missed paychecks because you were injured on the job? Are you worried about how your bills are going to get paid without that money? Do you want to make certain you get fair workers' compensation wage benefits?

The attorneys at Bleakley Law Offices can help. We know exactly what employers are required to provide to compensate injured workers for loss of wages. We will make certain you get what you are entitled to.

The Wage Loss Benefits You are Entitled To

If you have missed seven or more consecutive days of work, you are entitled to compensation for 80 percent of your after-tax average weekly wage. On the surface, this seems like a fairly simple calculation. In many cases, it is. However, for employees with incomes that vary from week to week, calculating the average weekly wage can become complicated.

How Your Average Weekly Wage is Calculated

There are a variety of ways to calculate average weekly wage when determining workers' comp wage loss benefits. The most common is to take an average of the wages paid during the highest paying 39 weeks out of the last 52 weeks worked.

This method of calculation can be problematic if you were new to the company when you were injured. Perhaps you were a seasonal worker or a temporary employee. No matter what your situation is, our lawyers know how to make certain that your compensation is calculated fairly. We have a wealth of experience in workers' compensation claims, so you can be confident in our ability to help you get what you deserve.

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