Workers' Comp Fraud

It's Not What You Think it Is

There's a common misunderstanding about workers' compensation fraud. That misunderstanding is that the fraud is being committed by workers who manipulate the system in order to get benefits they don't really need. In reality, most of the workers' compensation fraud is committed not by workers, but by employers.

The attorneys at Bleakley Law Offices are dedicated to standing up to employers. We have years of experience handling these matters, and we use that experience to force employers to do what is right. We are committed to supporting injured workers in Muskegon and throughout Michigan by making employers do what they are legally obligated to do.

How Employers Commit Workers' Compensation Fraud

There is a certain way that employers are supposed to handle workers' comp claims. When they get a claim from one of their employees, they are supposed to turn that claim over to their workers' comp insurance company. The insurance company will then decide whether the claim should be paid or not.

Unfortunately, employers try to manipulate the system because they want to avoid having their work comp insurance premiums go up. One of the common ways that employers commit fraud is by asking injured workers to seek treatment under their group health plan. Another way they try to work around the system is by offering cash payments to injured workers, payments that are almost always unfair. If your employer has made a request that doesn't seem right to you, it is important that you consult a lawyer immediately. You do not want to get wrapped up in your employer's fraud scheme.

Contact a Michigan Workers' Comp Claim Lawyer

We have the knowledge to stand up to employers who try to manipulate the system. We will not let you get caught up in a workers' compensation fraud scheme. We will see that you get the compensation you deserve. Call us now, toll free, at 1-877-544-3733 or send us an e-mail to schedule a free consultation.

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